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550+hp Turbo E36 M3

$15,000 Firm! No Trades.
Less than 6,000 Miles On Rebuild!

Please Email Me: Hmnoel@gmail.com

M3 - a set on Flickr

Dyno Run:
M3 BMW - YouTube

YouTube Walkarounds:
Turbo M3 Walkaround - YouTube
Turbo M3 Paint - YouTube

This is a 550+ hp 1999 E36 M3. Current mileage is ~97,500mi. This is not a daily driven car and only acquires 20-50 miles a week. Cosmos Black Metallic over Tan Leather is a gorgeous combo and very rare. I’ve never seen another one like it in person. This Turbo M3 has been very well kept courtesy to regular services between Flow BMW of Winston-Salem and Motorsport-Connections. The later completed a full engine rebuild in early 2011.
Tens of Thousands of Dollars have gone into the very best of modifications for this car. This has been a dream machine and puts a smile on everyone’s face that gets to ride. At least it looks like a smile.
I really try not to make a big deal out of this car being fast and I know, "There is always a bigger fish." But for all intents and purposes, this thing is stupid fast! When you put your foot in it, you have to be absolutely ready for it. In High Boost 60-120mph comes and goes quicker than you can read this sentence. And you better be in a straight line and on a smooth surface, otherwise the rear wheels will try to overtake the front. I only tell you this because this car is capable of handling much higer boost levels than the 16psi I have high boost set on. After just over a year of having the engine rebuilt I have not yet attempted to increase the pressure. I just haven't had the need. Nevertheless, I can't imagine how incredible it would be to experience a few more psi.

P.S. A little insight into my mind - Few things are more satisfying than being faster than some guy on a sports bike trying to showoff to his girlfriend sitting on the back.

Electronically Controlled Turbo With Variable Pressure
Boost, Air/Fuel, Oil Temp and Pressure Gauges
Alarm System
Integration for iPod/USB
Traction Control
Sport “Vader” Seats
Adjustable Water Alcohol Injection System
Automatic Climate Control
Cruise Control

470 Whp at 14-15psi (more info in disclosures)
3.2l S52
8:1 Compression
Ported and Polished Head
Ceramic Coated 666 Fabrication Stainless Steal Long Tube Turbo Manifold
666 Fabrication Aluminum Turbo Piping
JE Pistons (forged)
Pauter Rods (forged)
Rebuilt Head
Garret GT35R .82 Hot side
AA Water/Alcohol Injection System
Fluidyne Radiator
Stewart Water Pump
Euro Oil Cooler
Walbro 255 High Flow Fuel Pump
Over-Sized Intercooler w/ Swaintech Coating
Oil Pump Nut Safety wired
Fully Custom Exhaust with Rogue Engineering DMS Muffler

Stage 4 South Bend Clutch
UUC Tranny Mount Enforcer Cups
Fresh Engine Mounts
Differential Replaced Less Than 10,000 Miles Ago
AA Diff Bolt Reinforcement Plate

H&R Race Springs
Bilstein Struts/Shocks
Dinan Front Strut Bar
Dinan Rear Shock Mount Brace
Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings Bushings Front and Rear
Adjustable Sway Barbarian Sway Bars
Braided Steel Brake Lines
Brand New Hawk HPS Pads (installed after pics)
Brand New Slotted Brembo Rotors (installed after pics)
18’ Forged BBS CH Wheels
245/35/18 Continental ContiSport 3 Tires

Euro “Ellipsoid” Headlights w/ Angel Eyes
Fog Light Delete Covers
Velocity Max Front Splitter
OEM Light Weight Rear Spoiler
Did I already Mention The beyond Gorgeous 18” BBS CH Wheels?
Blacked Out Intercooler (Swaintech Ceramic)

-Headliner has just started sagging and needs repair
-Long term fuel trims vary and may set CEL under some cicrumstances - CAN pass OBD II Emissions
-Picture of Dyno Run Sheet is the best I have (sorry). Its from the same day as the video was taken @14-15psi
-Low Boost 11-12psi
-High Boost 15-16psi
-Some pics show oily turbo drain lines. Has a slow leak that can be fixed with replacement gasket or feed line
-If the car sits for several days (only if it sits) it will burn oil on startup
-Oil Pressure Gauge sometimes reads inaccurately. I've been unable to pinpoint the issue.
-No other known issues.
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