Chuck Stickley E36 M3:
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Last Updated: 4/9/2007
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 Stickley3/4 Rear  Side

Chuck Stickley is arguably the best engine builder in the US for late model BMWs.  Owner of CSS Motorsports in Newton, Pennsylvania, Stickley is known for dominating just about every race series he chooses, as both driver and engine builder. 
Most enthusiasts and racers are aware of his existence, but couldn't pick him out of a crowd.  Going incognito is no longer a luxury Stickley will have as I'm sure you will all be asking him how he extracted that much power from an S54. 





Watch the video to find out how much power we're talking about.  Congratulations to Chuck Stickley for building an absolutely stunning example of why BMW's are so dominant on the race track!

 rear 3/4 Front Side

March 2001: DTM E36 M3

Feb 2007: M1 Art Car
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