March 2001: DTM E36 M3
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DTM M3This DTM car is a whole different beast entirely. Financed by a wealthy Englishman who wanted his logo on the side of it for the British Super Touring Car Series. It has a 2.5 liter 4 cyl. DTM S-14 engine, developing 364 hp @ 9000 rpm,and weighs a total of 2150lbs. This is one of BMW Motorsport's finest engines, the backbone of it's entire factory race effort. The engine is put together like an atomic clock. It has an $18,000 intake on it. Instead of conventional butterfly valves in the throttle bodies, like the M5 or Euro M3, it has a system of sliding plates, sort of like sliding glass doors.


Butterfly IntakeThis is designed as such due to the infintesimal amount of disturbed airflow you get with the butterfly system. Even when the valve is fully open in the plenum, there is still a sliver of metal running across the middle of the throttle body. With the sliding door system (for lack of better words), this is eliminated, giving you that extra edge needed in competitive racing. It's all about maximum efficiency, at really any cost. You can figure on a life span of about 20-30 hrs. on this engine before you have a very expensive grenade nestled between your wheel wells.


InteriorIt has a 6-speed sequential gearbox, and full data aquisition display by Astrotec. One of the most unique features of a car in this class is the transponder in the car, that relays into the data display in front of the driver (in place of the speedo, etc) and beams out every parameter of what the car is doing lap after lap. It works like this:


WheelYou set up a camera tripod with a transponder/reciever mounted on it. In the car is the counterpart to it. After each lap, it draws a picture of the race track, exactly like a GPS that tracks where you've been. It beams lap times, speed, each gear and RPM on each turn, the brake g's on each turn, the acceleration g's coming out of each turn, and the lateral g's to the trackside beacon, which is then downloaded into a laptop.


MirrorYou can also replay the entire race right there on the dashboard. It'd be like taking your M3 to Lime Rock or an autocross, running it, and while you wait for your next go, you sit in your car & watch your speedo & RPM gauge redo the run just taken. There's a lot of other data it gives, God only knows what else.

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